The Azuras Highlands are the north eastern mountains of Dovarthia, wonder and governed by the Azuras clan.


The Azuras Highlands are treacherous, from its high peaks to its dangerous wildlife, it acts as the perfect home for Dovarthia prison of Azuras Hold.


The culture of the highlands is the religous belief of Azuras, holding all of her ideals and preachings.


The highlands are surrounded in bustling coves, filled with a wide variety of fish. Though this is not the only source of food, other than the vegetation. Rarely, the highlanders dine on the elusive mountain bear that roams the highlands.


The wildlife of the highlands consist of, fish, insects, birds and bears.


In order to get to this hidden province, one must travel along the north eastern road from the kings bridge, till you see the flag of Azuras, than down a thin mountain pass and you exit into the southern highlands.


The laws closely relate to the four preaching's of Azuras, so they consist of, only hunting what you need, not destroying the foliage and never desecrating the hold or any Azuras shrine. Apart from them, the laws abide by the national laws of the sovereignty. punishment consists of imprisonment in the hold and rarely decapitation.