Current Conversion Rates

WARNING: These conversion rates are correct as of 2/03/2016. These may (and will) change due to supply and demand. Remember to check back here often to update your conversion rates!

Item Diamond Worth
1K Stone 1 Diamond
3K Wood 1 Diamond
1K Iron 1 Diamond
1K Oil 1 Diamond
Bear Pelt 5 Diamonds
100 Teeth and Bones 1 Diamond
10 Steel Bars 1 Diamond
1K Feathers 1 Diamond
5K Flax 1 Diamond
3K Water 1 Diamond
100 Leather 1 Diamond
Small Wooden Base 3 Diamonds
Large Wooden Base 5 Diamonds
Small Stone Base 10 diamonds
Large Stone Base 15 diamonds
Small Stone Brick Base 20 diamonds
Large Stone Brick Base 25 Diamonds