Dovartheism is described as being the following, and complete utter devotion to the God Dovar. Dovar is described as god of Warriors, Strength and Industry. Dovar is described as residing in Heaven, a paradise for all honourable individuals. It contains many different arenas for Warriors to battle for eternity, with immortality, insurmountable praise and any earthly desire they wish. Dovar is said to be headquartered in his Star Fortress, a constellation of stars to protect the Veil of Dovar. Dovar wields two weapons, an Celestial Axe and a Giant, Immortal Tower Shield, both called Industry and Strength respectively. Dovar i physically described as being a towering individual, with jet black hair and a deep, bellowing voice. He is clad in his full set of Eternal Armour, crafted from the remnants of the worlds he had destroyed. Dovar respects all religions, as long as he regards them as Industrious and Strong. The followers of Dovar must respect the will of Dovar, which is summarized in 12 holy tenets. Any man, woman or child that is regarded as useless and weak are encouraged to be eradicated by the followers of Dovar. The preservation of nature is regarded as a weak quality, and as such, Dovartheists often clash with Azuras followers


In Dovartheism, it is believed that Dovar himself created the world. He crafted it from the shattered remains of all other, inferior Gods that he had defeated in battle. Dovar, with one swift chop of his Axe, Industry, created the entire universe as we know it. Dovar then grabbed his Axe, and shaved a piece of metal off his shield, Strength. This shaving floated down onto the earth, and was given life by Dovar's will. This is how humanity was created, and any human being that does not respect Industry or Strength, are regarded as inferior and must be exterminated

Dovar Himself

Dovar is described in quite immaculate detail in Dovartheistic religious texts. It is said that Dovar was taller than any other God, his size and power immense. His jet black hair and crimson red eyes signified Dovar's compassion to those who are strong. His stocky build, large feet and towering stature serve to reinforce Dovar's imposing attitude. Clad in his Eternal Armour, a set of Gold and Black armour made out of Stardust.


Dovartheism only has one principal institution to preach the will of Dovar; The Congregation of Dovar. The Congregation is usually ruled by an Archbishop, a warrior who can prove their mettle in battle. The Archbishop is helped by a council of Aldermen, who all represent the different types of industry the world includes. The Congregation is described as having a current membership of 2 million people across the world.