Difficult Beginnings

Vorgan was raised by his parents, in a small fishing village, just south of the Azuras Highlands. When Vorgan was barely old enough to hold a blade, He was employed by his father into his masonry business. Many years past and slowly the village fell in poverty, the fish were scarce and disease ran through the water. On the brink of death, The village sought out the king, Dovar Innocentius.

The Sovereign Promise

After large discussion, the King had agreed to restore health to the Azuras Highlands, bring back the fish and restore the waterways. On one condition, The grand-mason, Vorgan's father, must rally the villagers to create a might hold on the tallest peak of the highlands, to support the King as Dovarthia's prison. For the next year, the Megalith was constructed, Dense stone walls and razer sharp tops, the hold towered above land, a true beacon of the King.

After the hold was completed, Vorgan's father fell very ill, and when He climbed the steps to the castle, he requested that which he was promised. But the king denied it, eventually ending in his horrific death. By this time Vorgan was in his prime, furious and filled with rage. But he was weak, for the lack of food and water was draining the whole village.

The coming of Azuras

On the next full moon, Vorgan ascended the mountain, and there he layed. Out of life, out of hope. In his final ounce of hope, he prayed. For anyone to listen. At first no one replied, But then, the clouds came together, and a wild storm brewed. Though the details of Vorgan's encounter are unknown, we know he came back healthy, strong and of faith. With his fathers vengeance in his heart, and Azuras in his blood. Vorgan stormed the Hold, through the halls he carved, the stairs he chiseled, to the towers he bled for. And under the raging storm, he slaughtered every royal guard present.

The calm, after the storm

Vorgan gathered the villagers and brought them to the hold, sharing the voice of Azuras. slowly the land changed, the water was clean, the fish had returned and life bustled again. The Villagers had restored their health. But Vorgan never forgot.