A pseudo-religion created by the ramblings of Claribel Ashmore. The religion is mainly made of of lies, antics and other ramblings that Claribel uses to humour herself when asked "What is your religion?" or when someone tries to convert her. These stories eventually weaved themselves into an intricate and complex pseudo-religion with one adamant and self-proclaimed follower; Claribel herself. She designed the pseudo-religion to make mockery of popular religious concepts and the idea surrounding altruism. The religion centers itself around The Black Sheep, an all-knowing and wise figure whom take the form of a simple black sheep.

The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep is an omnipresent sheep that has access to all the knowledge available in the universe. It can peer into the past and foresee the future; nothing is lost to its all-seeing eye. However (whether this may be fortunate or not), The Black Sheep lacks all skills to be able to communicate this knowledge to the mortal realm. After all, the words of a sheep are limited to 'baas' and 'meehs'. The Black Sheep is neither malevolent or merciful, it simply exists. It rarely meddles with the humans and continues on with its own celestial and eternal existence. Its followers (the white sheep) will sometimes be sent signs from their all-knowing deity, but will fail to comprehend it. If herds of sheep start forming strange formations in the paddock, it is said to be a message of foreboding or luck from the Black Sheep. Since the difference between the two is not specified, this often leads to severe miscommunication. However sometimes the sheep just like making patterns all on their own. It's hard to distinguish between what's nothing and what's not, and people often read into the matter too much.